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How to train from home Workout

Are you ready to change your body but can’t get to the gym? Here’s exactly how you should train at home workout with the equipment you have to make progress.

It is not easy to train effectively from home Workout. You have to do certain things that you might not normally have considered when you were in the gym.

But these things matter a lot now.

In fact, these training techniques will help you when you get to the gym to have more effective, more intense workouts focused on hypertrophy (increase in muscle mass).

How to train from home workout to grow in mass

There are certain things you need to do well if you want to stimulate your muscles with the limited equipment you have at home workout.

These little details will make the difference between an effective workout and one in which you just warmed up the muscle a little and exercised.

You have to remember that just pumping or physical activity does not mean that you have stimulated the muscle to grow.

It just means you’ve done some exercise and put your muscles to work.

It’s better than sitting around and rubbing mint all day. But if you want to make progress, grow in mass and even develop a better mind-muscle connection, you need a different workout. It takes involvement and concentration.

With a little creativity and the right techniques it will be simple.

Here’s how to train from home workout using advanced training techniques

Keep muscle tense (TUT)

The most important thing to do when you want to stimulate your muscle to grow is to keep it under tension.

In fact, studies show that it is most effective to keep the muscle under tension for 30-70 seconds in each set.

That is why it is recommended to do 8-12 repetitions for each series.

But these repetitions should not be done in a hurry. The movement must be controlled, the muscle must be kept under tension and thus stimulated to the maximum.

That is why the concept of TUT (Time Under Tension) is so well known and applied.

TUT – Time Under Tension – the period of time during which the muscle is kept under tension during a series. This includes both concentric movement (where the muscle tightens, and contracts),

the point of maximum contraction, and eccentric movement (where the muscle lengthens and gradually returns to its original size).

Thus, if you do a series of 12 repetitions and each repetition lasts 5 seconds, you have kept the muscle under tension for 60 seconds.

This is not often practiced because many men do not know how to train properly.

I’m moving fast. Just move a weight from point A to point B without thinking about the fact that the muscle has to be worked in this movement during this time.

So, if you want to know how to train from home workout, remember, do not rush the movement! Control your movement, keep your muscles tense, and even count how many seconds pass before you complete a complete repetition.

And when you get to the gym, use the same principle. Keep your muscles tense. Even if it means you have to reduce the weight you train with.

Strengthens the mind-muscle connection

The connection between mind and muscle is already a topic that people with more training experience know.

It’s about how well and how intensely you can contract muscle fiber when you train.

Do an experiment now.

Try to flex your right arm. Tighten your biceps as solid as you can. If you have a strong mind-muscle connection, your muscle should start to ache a little as you tighten your biceps more and more.

If it doesn’t hurt at all, your connection between mind and muscle is cabbage and you should start strengthening it from now on.

How do you strengthen the mind-muscle connection?

Simple, increase the point of maximum muscle contraction to 2-3 seconds when you train.

Let me give you an example…

Let’s stick to the biceps because it’s still one of the favorite groups of men.

When you do a dumbbell flexion, the maximum contraction point is when you reach the top with the weight and you can’t lift anymore,

the muscle is completely tight, completely tense. Then keep it in that condition for 2-3 seconds. It’s like you want to squeeze the muscle completely.

Over time, you strengthen the mind-muscle connection and you will end up tightening the muscle fiber you are training more and more.

If you only have a set of lighter dumbbells at home workout or an elastic band, this technique is damn effective. It allows you to squeeze the muscle full of energy, pump yourself to the maximum and stimulate it to grow (give it what is called a hypertrophic stimulus).

Home Workout

Start an advanced training program

There are about 5 basic advanced training techniques that maximize hypertrophy.

We talked about them in detail in the 8 Week Program created for the weak people who are just starting out.

But when you train from home workout and have equipment limited to a set of dumbbells and body weight,

it can be very difficult to come up with new ideas and apply those advanced training techniques.

That’s why I created the Room in the House program some time ago. It’s not a free program, I’m telling you right now.

It’s a paid program, but the price of admission at the moment is lower than that of a club outing or a meal in the city. And it really helps you make progress if you can’t get to the gym.

I’ve already talked extensively about them here and I recommend you take a look.

If you want to know how to train from home workout in the most efficient way, this program will help you a lot, a lot.

Ok, I hope these words helped you, I hope you learned something new about training,

about muscle stimulation and I hope you will take advantage of the free time you have to train.

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