How to grow your business in 2022

How to grow your business in 2022

How to grow your business in 2022

A Zenith research report shows that US advertising spending in the US has increased by 12.4% in 2020, to over $ 135 billion, which is 53% of total advertising spending. This means that more than half of all advertising spending has now moved to online media.

And with COVID-19 we have changed the way we live and work, the world is much more focused on the online environment. As a result, the ability to attract more customers online has increased.

We have 2022 on the horizon, a great time to capitalize on growing business trends. Content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing can all be used as part of online promotion.

In this article, we’ll look at the most popular advertising platforms and how to promote your business in 2022.

How to promote your business in 2022

Pay Per Click (Google Ads)

Google is an advertising machine. It may seem like useful information and tools (Google Docs, Gmail, Calendars, etc.), but it does provide some interesting things to do to make sure you see their ads.

The growing popularity of Google ads over the last ten years has been staggering. In 2019, there were over 160 billion monthly Google examinations. Companies earn an average of $ 2 for every $ 1 they spend on Google ads.

One of the great benefits of pay-per-click advertising is that you only pay per click. Whether you are a small business or not, you can take advantage of the benefits that the search engine has to offer.

It’s a great low-cost marketing action and an effective way to bring potential customers.

Ads on social networks

Advertising is the driving force behind all social networks. LinkedIn has been offering paid ads since 2005, Facebook launched ads in 2007, Twitter added ads in 2010, and Instagram introduced ads on the platform in 2013. Even TikTok started adding ads on the hugely popular social platform.

People are getting used to the idea of ​​seeing ads in their social media stream. With the advent of tools such as lead forms, the Facebook social networking platform has increased the ways in which advertisers can reach the customer avatar.

Social media is great for both brand attention and business promotion. Nowadays, there are different ways to promote your business on Facebook

For those who want to advertise on Facebook, the average cost per acquisition (CPA) on Facebook is reasonable.

A 2018 Wordstream study found that the average CPA in all industries was $ 18.68 on Facebook (compared to $ 48.96 on Google

Email marketing

Fifteen years ago, when you received an email, you opened it quickly. Today, the chances of opening all emails have decreased. While e-mail opening rates have dropped significantly in the last ten years, in 2019, the average opening rate was 22%.

Depending on the market, sending emails to consumers may still be a viable option. Especially when included as part of a broader strategy, email campaigns can help keep products and services in front of consumers.

Press Releases

Every time your business does something noteworthy, it’s very easy to send a press release to local and regional news engines.

Publishing through news channels means that more people see the news and will probably be interested in purchasing the product/service.

There are several platforms you can use for press releases, such as White Press or Press Releases.

Influencer Marketing

If you want to promote your company with the help of micro-influencers, it is best to offer them your products or services in exchange for advertising.

This way, they know your offer and you have low costs, without having to make a direct financial investment. These types of collaborations are called barters.

Influencer marketing can help you both develop your brand and offer sales incentives. According to a study by SproutSocial, the average price to use an influencer to promote a brand is $ 271 per job.

For influencers with over 100,000 followers, the average cost was $ 763 per post.

Advertise podcast

With the growing popularity of podcasts over the last ten years, there are plenty of opportunities for your business.

Usually, a business that chooses podcast advertising benefits from a recorded ad, which the podcast host offers in each episode.

The considerable benefit of podcast advertising is that the audience trusts the person reading the promotion.

Most listeners know that the podcast will not advertise products or services that do not suit their audience.


One of the easiest ways to grow your business is to ask for help from those you know. Contact your friends, acquaintances, former employees, colleagues, and even other companies that have customers who may need your services.

Explain to them that you have a business and ask if they can use your services or if they can suggest people who need what you sell.

This may seem like an oversimplified approach, but many of the best deals come from knowing someone who needs your services.

Google My Business

Every business that wants to be found online should create a page on Google My Business. The pages are free and allow local users to find a business near them.

According to research by Think With Google, 75% of people who find useful local information in search results are more likely to visit physical stores.

In addition to information. Google now allows you to add offers. These are usually promotions or news to encourage customers to cross your threshold.

If a customer is looking for a business like yours in the area, a small discount coupon might be enough to get them to call or visit you.

Video ads and advertising

Since the launch of Youtube in 2005, the platform has grown to become the most popular video platform in the world. In an average month, 80% of people between the ages of 18 and 49 watch YouTube.

Youtube not only offers the chance to advertise on the platform but also the video format is an excellent way to advertise. Having a Youtube channel and adding videos to your business can also help with SEO optimization.

The video can be used to promote, educate, and maintain a connection with existing customers. Also.

SEO optimization

Of course, everyone wants their site to be on the first page of Google. And with a little effort and concentration, there is still a significant opportunity to increase your visibility.

If you create a site that answers the customer’s avatar questions and provides solutions to his or her problems, you will begin to attract attention. The more people click on your site, the better it will rank on Google. If you can get backlinks from other sites, this will help your site grow in the future.

Although getting organic traffic is technically free, it can take months or even more than 1 year for SEO optimization. Continue to create written and video content that you can share on social media, and over time, interest in your business will increase.

Television and radio

It may seem that due to the astronomical growth of digital marketing, the “old” types of media, such as television or radio, are not worth advertising.

With the rise of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, TVs are no longer as popular as before.

Many consumers still use these media and may be influenced by advertising. In fact, in the first quarter of 2019, 92% of adults listened to the radio at least once a week, and 92% of people between the ages of 35 and 65 watched live TV at least once. per week.

Although it may seem expensive to advertise on TV or radio if you choose local stations, advertising can be useful.

Local newspapers

Similar to television and radio, the growth of web content has seen a decline in local newspapers. However, there are still plenty of opportunities in print media and direct mail channels.

A 2017 study by the American Press Institute showed that 58% of people describe themselves

as primarily focused on the print media, and 28% say they are mostly for the digital version.

In particular, adults aged 65 and over who pays for the news are five times more likely to buy a printed newspaper than a digital one.

Online webinars

By offering an introductory webinar, you can attract your target audience and collect their contact information for the following videos.

First, find your customer avatar, and then you can run a few simple ads to promote your events and get your audience to sign up. Some people may not attend the live event, but may still follow the recording later.

People who teach you valuable ideas from your business are much more likely to become customers.

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