reduce maintenance costs

Reduce maintenance costs with amazing Tips

You can reduce maintenance costs by organizing your home smartly in the summer and making small changes

Buy led bulbs. They are expensive but the investment pays off quickly and the benefits will be seen in the fall and summer, because they consume only 10% of the consumption of classic light bulbs, including green ones.

 which gives low light. In the living room, make a minimal investment in a potentiometer that can adjust the light intensity in your room and implicitly can bring you savings on maintenance costs worthy of consideration.

In addition, in the case of a very large house, the motion sensors that control the switches are ideal. It doesn’t cost much and can help reduce bill costs by up to 100 euros in 3-4 months.

Install an aerator on all faucets in the house. The aerator halves the water consumption without any disadvantages.

The mixture of water and air makes the water jet have very high pressure, in the conditions of a water consumption reduced by half. In a house with two bathrooms, and four people

the aerators installed at all the water sources in the house reduce the water consumption by up to 45%, which is a lot.

Collect rainwater for outdoor use. If you collect rainwater you will reduce the risk of problems with puddles in the yard, and you will add significant savings to water consumption, especially if you have a vegetable garden, flowers, or lawn that should be watered regularly.

 Obviously, maintenance costs will decrease.

Install shutters and reflective nets on sunlit windows.

Investing can mean something, but it pays off quickly and brings many benefits in both summer and winter.Reduce maintenance costs

In addition, a house with shutters is from the beginning a much nicer house. Both systems can help you maintain a comfortable temperature in the house using less climate or not at all.

Another solution is to stop using the attic or the attic – if I’m not very well insulated in the summer.

If possible, move some of the attic activities to the basement of the house or to the demise.

However, if you arrange in addition, in the house, any of these places, the price of the house increases, but also the advantages of those who live in the house, because there will be extra living space.

Use solar lamps in the garden

It exists in dozens of models, either fixed or mobile, at ground level, or hanging. All of them can help you to have a garden and a lighted house outside, at no cost. The price of these garden solar lamps is very low compared to the benefits they bring.

Instead of the end, a tip. Buy fuel for the winter in the summer, if you use wood or pellets. It is about 25% cheaper than buying in the traditional period – September. You will reduce maintenance costs! without any effort.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use to maintain your summer home.

Tips to Save on Holiday Home Maintenance in Spain

Having a second home can be a real blessing, especially in this atypical year when many families have decided not to travel too far to avoid coronavirus infection or

in the case of many ex-pats, a place in the sun to escape quarantine. in their own country and even to work remotely.

But whether your holiday home is on the beach, in the mountains, or in the middle of the city, and whether you’re enjoying a weekend or vacation.

maintaining a home in addition to your main residence is costly and can be difficult if live abroad.

 According to the OCU Consumer Council.

the cost of maintaining a second home is on average around € 1,800 per year.

For this reason, it is important to avoid futile spending, but how can this be done?

Experts from Ariston, a company that specializes Reduce maintenance costs in heating and hot water solutions. Reduce maintenance costs

say it’s important to ventilate the property so that there are no moisture issues, disconnect electrical appliances and devices such as TVs when not in use, and invest in -a good electric boiler, among other things.

Let’s take a look at the main things to consider when maintaining a second home according to the company.

reduce maintenance costs

Reduces energy costs

The company explains simple actions, such as disconnecting all appliances in the property when not in use (and not leaving any on standby).

changing lighting with low-energy light bulbs, or buying appliances with a good energy class.

It can save you hundreds of euros a year. Also, remember that poor management or poor choice of heating, air conditioning, central heating, and even internet providers can cause endless unnecessary costs.

Avoid moisture

One of the main problems with having a closed house for a long time is the appearance of humidity.

Stains on the walls or easily the smell of fog can be very difficult to remove if nothing is done in time.

For this, the basic recommendation is to ventilate the house from time to time and therefore freshen the air. If you live abroad or away from the property, you may need a trusted neighbor to do this for you Reduce maintenance costs .

Invest in a good electric boiler

“Sometimes spending a little more helps save money in the future,” says Ariston, who adds that “due to their adaptability.

ease of installation and small size, electric boilers stand out as the best solution for second homes.

In addition, these boilers also allow us to be greener, not using fossil fuels to operate. “

Invest in connectivity

Although it may seem like a futile expense at first glance.Reduce maintenance costs

it can become a significant saving in the long run.

In this regard, the company emphasizes that the technology in the house not only allows for greater comfort but also allows you to anticipate climate change.

whether it’s hot or cold, will help you focus on other tasks.

In short, it will save you money in the long run, time, and peace of mind, which is invaluable, “the experts insist.

Make a profit from the house

One way to avoid dampness and keep your home tidy is to rent it out.

which allows the landlord to earn extra income. In addition to renting it for a few weeks during the summer (a profitable alternative to a coastal home, for example).Reduce maintenance costs

another option is to rent it at an affordable price during the months when you are not using the property, which means you can earn a living.Reduce maintenance costs

the additional budget that can be brought back in home change.

All of these simple steps will help reduce energy consumption as well as maintenance time and the cost of a

second home at a time when owning one has become a real luxury.

The health crisis has brought a change of priorities when it comes to buying a home. It’s a holiday in Spain. now space will be more important.

the existence of rooms that can be adapted as a workspace or customized interior design “, the study acknowledges.

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