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Best 10 Different Wall Lights and its benefits

What is better to choose – a floor lamp or wall lights

Creating comfort in the apartment is not an easy and troublesome business! After all, in this case, it is important to take into account many small and unremarkable, at first glance, details. In other words, it is not enough just to fill your apartment with furniture and household appliances, and hang curtains or curtains.

It is very important to combine utility, convenience, and comfort of use. It is also necessary to take into account their characteristic habits, and family members. But how you want to foresee everything!

Needless to say, everyone faces the question of lighting. Yes, the main one is more or less clear and there are no problems, these are chandeliers of different types. But here, with local lighting – everything is not so simple.

The main competitors here are floor lamps and wall lamps, that is, sconces and all kinds of lighting. Both of them create an atmosphere of comfort in our homes and complement the decor. Therefore, it is difficult to find an apartment now where there would not be these interior items.

Floor lamps or wall lamps. Advantages and disadvantages

Each option has undeniable advantages. A floor lamp, for example, is good because it is not “tied” to a specific place. It can be freely moved to any part of the room at any time.

Being a piece of furniture, it, among other things, significantly decorates and complements the interior of your home. However, being a floor item, it naturally occupies a certain area of ​​the floor, plus some space around it.

This will inevitably have to be taken into account.

On the contrary, wall lamps in this regard compare favorably, as they take up very little space on the walls, due to their small size.

And people are not as demanding on the free area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe walls as they are on the floor. And this factor is especially taken into account in our small apartments.

These lighting fixtures, in addition to their main functions, serve as decoration, and sometimes accessories for the design of the apartment. Successfully selected and placed, they harmoniously fit into the environment.

Of course, you say, lamps also have disadvantages. This is true. Any sconce is rigidly “tied” to a specific place, that is, it is fixed on the wall with screws or special fasteners.

In some cases, lamps can even be placed in wall niches made for this.

Thus, if you suddenly don’t like the arrangement of furniture, and decide to reschedule something, or if Neto removes and re-hangs the sconces in a new place is also not always an acceptable option.

The reason is that on the wall, on the wallpaper, where the lamp used to be, there will be holes from the fasteners and a “trace of time” from the case. It is not always possible to close this place with some kind of picture or other objects.

w interior items appear, then certain problems will arise. Indeed, in this case, the wall lamp may no longer be near a cozy chair, and not above the bedside table, but inappropriately hanging over an empty place.

The optimal choice of lamps

So what is left for us to do? Where to stop? The way out is a reasonable and optimal combination of both types of devices.

When choosing the same lighting option for each specific place, it is worthwhile to first consider, estimate, and calculate the likely prospects.

The following is meant here: if in the foreseeable future you won’t change anything in this place of the room,

and everything suits you in the interior, feel free to hang a wall lamp.

If there is no certainty in the finality of the arrangement of furniture, or you plan to add something, then it is better to put a floor lamp in this place for the time being.

In general, it is worth following generally accepted standards:

the consistency of all lighting fixtures in the same style, and their compliance with the overall design of the room. Otherwise, rely on your imagination and taste.

How to plan bedroom lighting

As you know, bedrooms do not need bright daylight. Warm, diffused wall lights is much more suitable for them, which creates a calm atmosphere and allows you to relax.

lighting requirements

It is worth considering what Wall Lights should be while taking into account these recommendations:

This is called the European type, there is also the American type: when floor lamps and wall sconces in the bedroom are the main sources of wall lights.

This allows you to illuminate only the desired area of ​​​​the room, and when you turn on all the devices, the wall lights will be bright enough.

General Wall Lights is relevant in cases where the bedroom is combined with the living room, or when a lot of time is spent in it.

Interior designers advise using sconces in pairs and placing them symmetrically. Exceptions may be bedrooms decorated in high-tech and minimalist style, which often use asymmetry, both in decor and in Wall Lights.

If the lamps illuminate the mirror, they should be located on both sides, while the shades should diffuse wall lights well to avoid glare and uneven Wall Lights. Best suited options with a white matte diffuser.

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